Southeast Asian Product, Chinese Royal Cuisine

Southeast Asian Product, Chinese Royal Cuisine

While there are many versions of how bird's nests was discovered and popularised, one thing that is undeniable - bird's nests is inherently Southeast Asian and largely consumed by the Chinese. 


The Beginning

It was said that Admiral Zheng (郑和) He from the Ming Dynasty was the first person in the world to eat bird's nests. According to the legend, he was sailing across the Malay Archipelago (modern day Malaysia / Indonesia) when they encountered a thunderstorm. They got stranded on an island and had no food supply. The crew found some bird's nests in the cliff and boiled it to stop their hunger. Admiral Zheng He and his crew regained their health thereafter. Zheng He realizsd that bird’s nest is a superior food that provide various health benefits and brought them back as a gift for the emperor. 


Since ancient China

According to many historical data, in the classical Chinese Medicine Book (本草纲目) about health food, swallow nest was imported into China from the Southeast Asian region more than 500 years ago. Since then bird's nest has been traditionally used by Chinese royalties and ancient beauties and to maintain their beauty and body wellness. 


Superfood fit for royalty

From the classic literary masterpiece heroine Lin Dai Yu (林黛玉) to the enchanting Empress Dowager Tsu His (慈禧) and even the famous travelling Emperor Qian Long (乾隆) of the Qing Dynasty have all been known to consume bird's nest everyday for its health and beauty benefits. In fact, the Empress Dowager Tsu His dined on not just one, but seven types of bird’s nest dishes for breakfast to preserve her health and youth. Even Empress Wu Ze Tian (武則天) , the only female Empress in China, is believed to have drunk bird’s nest for its beauty and health benefits.


Celebrities' secret to good health and skin

Today, bird's nests continue to be consumed by many of the modern celebrities. Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) and Chen Shu (陈数) are known to take them daily for health and beauty purposes. Closer to home, our local celebrity with porcelain skin, Fann Wong (范文芳), is also known to take bird's nests regularly. 


With our brand representing both Malaysia and Singapore, coupled with our exquisite packaging with paying homage to our roots, LENE is a great souvenir and gift for someone to have a piece of this rich history.

Beauty begins from within,

Your LENE team

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