How to choose the perfect gift?

How to choose the perfect gift?

I have a fair bit of experience when it comes to gifting, and drew on these experiences when we created LENE to be a great gifting option. Being from private banking, I had to constantly think of gifts for clients who seem to have it all. Most recently, I went back to Europe with my partner and went through the entire experience of stressing over gifts for Christmas. I hope that by reading this guide, it gives you a clearer structure when it comes to choosing a gift for your special someone. 


Do your homework 

This goes without saying, to understand who you are gifting to and what exactly the occasion is. Some basic questions are: What is the purpose of the gift? What is the demographic of the receiver? Do they care about a particular cause? When do you need the gift by, should I buy it online or offline? 


Buy the best within your budget

Quality matters, which is often reflected in the price too. How much are you looking to spend? People who tell you that "it is the thought that counts" without a care for the value are lying to you. There is an appropriate amount of money to spend for each person or each event. Would you give a supermarket mug to a client and think "it is the thought that counts"? Nope.


Presentation Matters

Take this from the Japanese, they know a thing or two when it comes to gifting. Presentation matters, it is the first impression someone have when they get your gift. The packaging of a gift matters almost as much as the product itself, and are both equally important. If the presentation is shabby, it takes away half the experience and anticipation no matter how great the product inside is. 


On home-made gifts

Home-made gifts are especially thoughtful when you can make them well. During mid autumn festival one year, I gave my clients bird's nests snow skin mooncake that I made myself. I had them tried and tested a few times by my sisters (my toughest critiques) before I was ready to gift them. 


And if someone tells you that "I have everything"... 

Gift them the gift of health. Instead of focusing on materialistic product, buy them something that shows that you care. A good example would be supplements or tonic, especially one that is targetted for them specially. Only buy experiences for someone if you are sure it is something that they would use. 


In short, gifting should come from the heart. While monetary value matters, gifts that shows that you care would mean much more and leave a better impression. Everyone wants to be with someone they believe knows them, i.e. get them.


I drew on my own experiences in creating LENE as a gifting product, which is reflected in our packaging and product. 

Bird's nests has long been used as a gift, for health reasons as well as the prestige and status that it represents. Our luxurious packaging reflects the high quality, and the unboxing of LENE is an experience in itself. Our Japanese glass bottles are manufactured and imported from Japan, and the high quality can be seen when the bottle is held in your hand. The swallows on our packaging is the symbol of a fresh start, as you choose to begin afresh to start a journey towards beauty and health.

For the girlfriends / wives, LENE is a beauty food that is great for their skin. It is also sugar-free, which is great for the health-conscious female, something all other brands are unable to claim. 

For the powerful women running empires, LENE is convenient for ready consumption. Each bottle is even tailored to the exact amount to take every single day, without the need for guess work or to store leftovers in the fridge and let mould grow. 

For the pregnant / confinement / post-confinement mothers, LENE goes through an all natural process, with zero chemical processing. This means that there is no preservatives or bleach or any harmful chemicals at all in our bird's nests, making it a safe choice you can trust. 

For the mothers / mother-in-laws, gifting LENE is akin to gifting your mother what she used to brew for you when you were young. The 燕盏 / yan zhan / whole bird's nests reflects the high quality we are committed to, ensuring that you only bring the best to your family. 

For the environmental warrior sisters, did you know LENE is sustainably harvested? My mother was a firm believer in taking care of the earth, and that every small step counts. LENE chooses to be a sustainable brand because we too, care about our impact on the environment. 


If you are looking to customise your gift, be it with a silk cloth or a smart ribbon, email or whatsapp us. We are always more than happy to customise gifts and make someone's day! 

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