Fairer Skin & Better Complexion

Fairer Skin & Better Complexion




You can warm your milk or bird's nests separately using a double boiler or in a bain marie way for 5 minutes if you prefer to have it warm. Only mix the bird's nests and milk together when you are ready to consume it. 

Your jar of LENE Bird's Nests can be heated in a pot of hot boiling water, introducing indirect heat similar to a double boiling method. 


Why Bird's Nests with Milk 

Milk is rich in many essential nutrients, including calcium and potassium. It contains lactic acid, which is effective in lightening skin. Vitamin D is the major nutrient in milk, which is a mood booster for better mental health; and also increases collagen production for skin elasticity and lightens pigmentation. Milk also is a natural moisturiser that hydrates your skin. 


Substitute for Cow's Milk

If you are lactose intolerant or prefer milk alternatives, most of them also work well with bird's nests. Almond milk is a popular alternative, along with soy milk. 


Founder's Tips

Personally, our founder is a huge fan of Hokkaido milk and enjoys taking it with her bird's nests every morning. Consistently taking bird's nests in small amounts daily is the best way to see results for better skin that is glowing and healthy!

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