Mochi Ice Cream with Bird's Nests

Mochi Ice Cream with Bird's Nests

A simple recipe that you can gift it to your loved ones, or simply have it as a snack at home!

Makes 10 Mochi 

For the dough

  • Butterfly pea flower - 5g
  • Milk - 180g 
  • Glutinous rice flour - 100g
  • Corn starch - 35g
  • Salt - 1g 
  • Sugar - 50g 
  • Butter - 10g

For the ice cream filling

  • Cream cheese - 80g 
  • Whipping Cream - 200ml
  • Sugar - 15g
  • Salt - 1g 
  • LENE bird's nests - 1 bottle (without the water) 


1. Submerge butterfly pea in milk for a few hours. Alternatively, heat up your butterfly pea in some hot water before submerging it in the milk.

2. Mix dry ingredients for the dough (flour, starch, sugar, salt) together, and add milk. 

3. Cook at low heat till it becomes a dough

4. Switch off the heat and fold the butter in

5. Using a mixer, cream together cream cheese, cream, sugar and salt. Fold in bird’s nests. 

6. Divide dough into 10 portions. Dust the surfaces with flour before rolling. Roll out the dough and squeeze the mixture inside, forming into a ball 

7. Enjoy with your bottle of LENE Bird's Nests!

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