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With Health Comes Beauty

The concept of 内调 in Chinese TCM refers to nourishing our body from inside out. Having beautiful skin starts from eating food that are beneficial for our skin.

Bird's nests is a beauty food consumed by Chinese royalties and beauties since the Ming Dynasty. They long understood that external beauty is the result of having a healthy body.

Invest in your glowing skin and better health

  • Vyctoria Chee

    "I love the fact that it is sugar-free even though there is a subtle sweetness"

  • Daphne Wee

    "I love that they use high quality bird's nests, with no sugar added!"

  • Valentina Seah

    "I love it! It is so generous and I like that it's not sweet."

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Recreating Our Family's Recipe

Freshly brewed upon order, with only high quality bird's nests, and no sugar.

as if brewed by your mother and grandmother, just for you

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Heritage Rooted in Science

With the discovery of glycoprotein in bird's nests, bird's nests benefits are no longer thought to be a myth.

Glycoproteins in bird nest are enriched in EGF (Epidermal Cell Growth Factor), Sialic acid and 19 other types of amino acids. The health benefits of bird's nests results in beautiful glowing skin.

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Proven benefits, proven results

Commitment to the Best Quality

We all know that bleach, sugar, and other harmful chemicals often found in bird's nests are bad for us - science says so. By ensuring the highest quality in every bottle, LENE brings only the very best for you.

Long loved for many generations, a bowl of bird's nests evoke the feeling of love - your mother's love for you.

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We only sell what we eat

Save the Swiftlets

We practice sustainable and ethical harvesting in our bird's nests farm. You are not destroying the swiftlets' homes when you consume our bird's nests.

No amount of delicacy is worth the loss of another species.

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Changing the world, one bird's nest at a time.