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Why Work With Us

A Story With A Good Cause

All our bird's nests are sustainable, something that you would be able to share with your customers about!

Premium Quality

Our bird's nests are of the best quality. Our boxes are all designed for gifting. If you have special requests for packaging, we can explore options too.

Advice on Incorporating Bird's Nests

We are able to work with chefs to give our advice on how to best use bird's nests in your product and menu.

Contact us to get a free copy of our own showcase of bird's nests recipes!

Personalised and Customised

Whatever your requirements are, we will do our best to work out a solution that works.

  • Raw Bird's Nests

    We provide wholesale dry bird's nests to our B2B partners such as restaurants and hospitality groups in Singapore.

  • Cooked Bird's Nests

    We work with pastry groups and bars to provide cooked bird's nests.

  • Bird's Nests Gifts

    We are able to customise corporate gifting products for both cooked and raw bird's nests.

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