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Classic Bird's Nest

Classic Bird's Nest

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Freshly brewed upon order using only whole bird’s nests (燕盏 yan zhan), our premium quality is clearly seen through the thick strands of the bird’s nests.

Designed for your convenience, each bottle contains 1.5g dry weight (45g cooked weight) of bird's nests for your daily bird's nests need. Each bottle is double boiled to perfection, to best extract and retain nutrients. 

Good To Know

  • No Bleach or Added Chemicals
  • No Sugar
  • Sustainable & Ethical

Premium Ingredients

Pure Bird's Nests, Monk Fruit Extract, Distilled Water

Hand Harvested, Meticulously Double-Boiled

Sustainably hand harvested, lovingly double-boiled to preserve nutrients and bring you the maximum benefits.

Refrigerate Upon Receiving

All our products are cooked only after you place an order and contain no preservatives or sugar. We recommend storing in fridge upon receiving.

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