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Bird's nest has long been a staple in my life.

My favourite memory of bird's nest is my mother lovingly brewing it for my sisters and I. I remember watching my mother as she painstakingly picked at the impurities in the bird’s nest with a tweezer, to ensure that she only fed us the best. 

As a kid with asthma, my mother would remind me to have bird's nest every day as it is nourishing for the lungs. While savouring the bird’s nests she brewed for me, she would share about this wonder product that she believed is our Chinese girls’ secret to always looking young and beautiful.

Soon after, my father acquired a bird's nest house - his form of vertical integration perhaps!

I truly believe that beauty is not only skin deep - one can’t look good without being healthy, inside out.

It was only after I grew up and ageing caught up with me that I finally realised what my mother was nagging me about. Bird’s nest is fundamentally a supplement and a tonic. Similar to the Traditional Chinese Medicine concept of achieving beauty from the inside out, bird’s nest nourish the body from inside out.

While holding a full time job in a bank, brewing bird's nest daily was simply not feasible. I tried the available products in the market but was not satisfied, mostly because of the high sugar content or the low quality of bird’s nests.

This is my tribute to my parents, who give us nothing but the best.

My approach in creating LENE stems from the wisdom of TCM coupled with the concept of modern wellness. The high quality bird’s nest ensures that you will only feed your body the best, while having zero sugar.

Let LENE be with you in your own beauty and wellness journey.

Sustainable farming


Our bird’s nests are as a result of sustainable farming. They are sourced from Malaysia, from house nests instead of cave nests. House nests have conditions that are easier to control compared to cave nests. The edible bird’s nests that we eat today are a by-product of the nests after the baby swiftlets fly out from their nests. This ensures that the swiftlets populations does not diminish because of LENE.

Made to order


Our bird's nests are cleaned by hand with water, free of bleach and other chemicals. Due to the high quality of bird's nests, the strands are evident in our jars. LENE is cooked in small batches in a SFA approved facility in Singapore, freshly brewed upon order.