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About the Founder,

Jaclene has a day job in private equity; and runs a wine distribution business with her partner.
Like many her age, she believes in pursuing her convictions. LENE was started after more than a year of careful curation. A Malaysian-Chinese who spent a large part of her formative years in Singapore, and LENE is a reflection of these identities.

How LENE started

My family has been taking bird's nests daily since I was young. This prompted my father to buy a bird's nests farm out of love, to ensure that we only get the purest bird's nests that is not bleached.

I quickly realised that cooked bird's nests in the market were of inferior quality. Having been accustomed to the best quality bird’s nests, I sought to recreate my mother’s bird’s nests that I’ve grown to love – made with only yan zhan / 燕盏 with zero sugar.

Despite the higher costs for superior quality bird’s nests, I refused to compromise on quality as I truly believe that health is the best investment. We also practice sustainable harvesting as a responsible business.

As you embark on your journey with us, you'll experience how LENE combines the concept of modern wellness with the wisdom of Chinese tradition through the best Southeast Asian delicacy - bird’s nests. 

Beauty Begins From Within.

Specially designed; a bottle a day.

Key differentiators in our product

With zero sugar, we rely on natural sweetness of luo han guo (monk fruit) to enhance the flavour of our bird’s nests without compromising its nutritional benefits. All other brands in the market use sugar in different forms.
We use only yan zhan (whole nests) instead of yan sui (nests fragments) for only the most premium bird’s nests. Other brands use yan sui and also cheap fillers that looks similar to yan sui. The most common filler is white fungus.
We also insist on cooking our bird's nests via double boiling to best extract the nutritional benefits of the nests while retaining its texture. Double boiling is a time consuming process that most brands do not practice.
We are confident that our bird's nests have no harmful chemicals or bleach. Bleach in bird's nests is highly prevalent in the market as it is less labour intensive, resulting in cheap bird's nests. It is often difficult to differentiate.

Our Harvesting Process


Our Production Process