Staying True to Our Roots

LENE draws upon icons, images and symbols from our Chinese historical-cultural context when designing our brand and product. The rich heritage and wisdom of our Chinese tradition is reflected in our brand, paired with the relevance of modern times.

New Beginning to Greater Things

Chinese culture commonly associates the swallow with femininity, grace & beauty. It is also the symbol of new beginnings and a good omen of something good to happen.

For the Chinese, peony represents of wealth and prosperity, grown and enjoyed by the royalty and wealthy. They decorated peonies in their grand homes and royal gardens as it is considered one of the most beautiful flowers in China.

The full moon is a symbol of peace, prosperity, and family reunion. The round shape signifies gentleness and brightness, often associated with the female energy (yin).

Your introduction of bird's nests with LENE is the start of your journey to self-care and beauty; a routine long enjoyed by Chinese emperors and royalty.

  • Emerald Green

  • Royal Red

  • Lavender Blush

  • Radiant Gold

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The Colours of Jade

As a Chinese saying goes, "you can put a price on gold, but jade is priceless". Jade was used exclusively by royalty and nobility in the early Chinese dynasties. The Chinese character of Jade 玉 is very similar to the Chinese character of king 王. It is believed to possess the power to avert evil and bad luck while fostering health and good fortune.

Today, jade represents more generally beauty and preciousness. It is still most highly valued gemstone in Chinese culture.

LENE utilises the colour of jade in designing our brand, to reflect the deep heritage that bird's nests shares with jade.