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About the founder

My family has a bird’s nests farm that we mostly use for our own consumption and sale within Malaysia. From young, my mother has inculcated in me the importance of nourishing the body well with traditional tonics. Taking bird’s nests is something I’ve done since I was little.

How the company started

Having become accustomed to consuming bird’s nests, I sought to recreate my mother’s bird’s nests that I’ve grown to love –– those made using 燕盏 with zero sugar. However, my attempts to look for freshly cooked bird’s nests was to no avail as I soon realised that there was nothing in the market that offered pure, high-quality, nutritious bird’s nests. I thus sought to create a special product suitable for daily consumption. Despite the higher costs that accompanied the superior-quality pure bird’s nests, I refused to compromise on the quality as I truly believe that health is the best investment.

Quality is a word that is thrown around too carelessly these days. There are many different qualities of bird’s nests in the market, positioned on a spectrum from those that are bleached to those that are well-cleaned by hand with pure distilled water. Attributable to our ties with the bird’s nest community, we trust in the quality and sustainability of bird’s nests that our suppliers provide.
Our understanding of bird’s nests is reflected in every aspect of our products. For example, bird’s nests are meant to be taken in small amounts everyday as the body is unable to efficiently absorb too much nutrients each day, similar to when we take vitamins. Hence, each bottle has 1.5g dry weight of bird’s nests tailored for optimal daily consumption.
The bird’s nest community in Malaysia is generally quite small. My family has forged good relationships over much time with the other suppliers we work with. There is a term in Hokkien - ka ki lang - meaning our own kind of people. We know the processes of different suppliers well because of the long-standing relationship we have with them, relationship that new brands from overseas find it hard to establish, let alone compete with. It is our confidence and trust in the suppliers we work with that really ensures the quality and sustainability of our bird’s nests.

Key differentiator in the product

With zero sugar and incorporating pure monk fruit extract instead, we rely on natural sweetness to enhance the flavour of our bird’s nests without compromising its nutritional benefits. This distinguishes us from the vast majority of sellers in the market, allowing us to rise to the forefront of the bird’s nests market. Using yan zan (whole nests) instead of yan sui (nest fragments), we retain the purity of bird’s nests, ensuring maximal health benefits reaped as opposed to many canned bird’s nests. With yan sui, there is a need for fillers to supplement the fullness of the adulterated-flavoured bird’s nests. As such, many other sellers commonly use white fungus to replace the lack of bird’s nests. Further, we double boil our bird’s nests so as to extract the nutritional benefits of the nests while retaining the original flavour.