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Rich Heritage Rooted in Traditions

As a brand, LENE is designed to reflect the rich heritage of Chinese culture that dates back for centuries. From our design elements to brand colours, we draw upon the vast vocabulary of our historical-cultural context.

  • Premium Bird's Nests

    Our bird's nests are made with 燕盏 (whole bird's nests), evident in the thick strands.

    Cooked bird's nests in the market are made with 燕碎 (small pieces of nests).

  • Pure Natural Goodness

    Our bird's nests are all painstakinly cleaned manually by hand with only water.

    Most bird's nests in the market are bleached and/or washed with chemicals.

  • Double-Boiled Perfection

    All our bird's nests are carefully double-boiled to best extract and preserve the nutrients.

    We cook our bird's nests in an SFA-approved facility in Singapore.

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Jaclene Liew, founder

The Best From Our Family - To Yours

Bird's nests has been an integral part of our family growing up.

Seeing how much bird's nests we were taking prompted my father to buy bird's nests houses out of love. He wanted to ensure that we only get the natural bird's nests that is not bleached.

My mother taught me since young about the TCM concept of 内补 - nourishing the body from within. Despite the higher costs for superior quality bird’s nests, I truly believe that health is the best investment.

Having been accustomed to the best quality bird’s nests, I sought to recreate my mother’s bird’s nests that I’ve grown to love – made with only natural 燕盏 (whole bird's nests) and zero sugar, loving and thoughtfully crafted.

Modern Wellness Rooted in Heritage

As you embark on your journey with us, you will experience how LENE combines the concept of modern wellness with the wisdom of Chinese tradition through the best Southeast Asian delicacy - Bird’s Nests