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Classic Bird's Nest (4 Boxes)

Quality Ingredients: 9g of Pure Bird's Nests, Monk Fruit Extract, Distilled Water

LENE is freshly brewed upon order with luxurious quality ingredients. We only use 100% pure quality bird's nests, with monk fruit extract and distilled water. Using only whole bird’s nests (燕盏 yan zhan), the pure quality is clearly seen through the fine, distinct strands of the bird’s nests.

Each bottle of bird's nests is double boiled to perfection, to best extract and retain nutrients.

All our bird's nests are also sustainably and ethically harvested. 

Not Just A Beauty Statement

Beauty begins from within

Created to help you achieve balance in your daily beauty routine, LENE inspires the belief that beauty begins from within

Besides its superior health benefits, Chinese culture commonly associates swallows with femininity, grace and beauty. Symbolic of new beginnings and good omens, LENE’s Classic Bird’s Nest is specially curated as an introduction to your journey of self-care. 

Beauty begins with a sip

Each box consists of six jars, one for each day. With 1.5g of dry bird's nest in each jar, the optimal amount for absorption, LENE is specially tailored to help you build a consistent beauty and wellness routine.

We care about your health and what you put in your body. Enjoy our bird's nests with a peace of mind with no added sugars, preservatives, artificial colourings nor stabilisers.

Your health for less than the price of your daily cab ride

Freshly delivered to you every week, for your consistent beauty routine. Subscribe for $20 a day.