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LENE Bird's Nest

LENE Essential


Kickstart your beauty and wellness routine

The LENE Essential consists of seven jars, one for each day. Each jar consists of 1.5g of dry bird's nest, tailored to the amount optimal for absorption. LENE is specially crafted to help you build a consistent beauty and wellness routine.


Sustainability efforts

All our packaging are printed in soy ink on recycled paper. Our packaging is designed to be recyclable. 

Your first order will be in our signature box. Subsequently, your future orders will be in our signature carrier bag. This helps us reduce waste in packaging. If you wish to receive subsequent orders in our signature box, you can leave a note in Order Notes in your shopping cart.

We encourage you to wash your jars and pass them to our delivery personnel when you receive your next order.

We care about the impact we make on our environment. Our bird's nests are sustainably sourced, protecting the swiftlets population that gifts us with these nests.

Quality ingredients

LENE is freshly brewed upon order with luxurious quality ingredients. We only use 100% pure quality bird's nests, with monk fruit extract and distilled water. LENE is filled with thick bird's nests strands, evident of our high quality. 

We care about your health and what you put in your body. LENE has zero sugar. We use no preservatives, no artificial colouring and no stabiliser. 


Weekly delivery

You will receive your LENE on the weekend of the delivery date you have chosen.  Orders for the delivery dates opens 4 weeks before the delivery date at 12pm. 


Made in Singapore

LENE Essential