Superfood for Post Surgery

Superfood for Post Surgery

You might have had your mother or grandmother feeding you bird's nests after your surgery when you were a kid. Bird's nests has been long consumed for its healing properties, both from a health and beauty angle. 


What is in bird's nests that helps with post surgery recovery? While there are many contributing factors, we highlight three of the key components of bird's nests that have shown to aid in recovery. 


#1: Epidermal Growth Factor

The EGF in bird's nests helps to stimulate cell growth and proliferation. Cell growth helps to replace cells that were destroyed, which in turns aid recovery after surgery. 


#2: Glycine 

Glycine is an amino acid that is anti-inflammatory. After surgery, it is often recommended to consume food with anti-inflammatory effects to reduce swelling. 


#3: Sialic Acid

Sialic acid helps to boost immunity in our body by influencing antibodies to clear pathogens. Post surgery, the body's immunity is weakened and more vulnerable to other bacteria and viruses. 


Many research has shown that bird's nests does indeed aid in recovery post surgery, including this


Whether you are a new mother recovering from childbirth, or if you are reading this after your surgery (big or small), bird's nests is generally a helpful supplement in aiding post-surgery recovery. Before taking bird's nests or any supplements post surgery, it is best to clear it with your doctors and ensure that it is sae for you to have.